Buckingham Palace – A Place To Experience Imperial Luxury

Buckingham Palace – A Place To Experience Imperial Luxury

Visiting a place that upholds the architectural beauty, rich historical importance and scenic views is the dream that every traveler wants to be fulfilled.  But there are rarely a

Buckingham Palace

few places that accompany all of these amazing features. This extraordinary list holds the Buckingham Palace, London amongst the top most places that are worth visiting. It is accredited with the title the “world’s largest working royal palace”. This place is the official London residence for the British monarchy.

Buckingham Palace depicts the story that how opulently the kings and the monarchs lead their lives. The fascinating interiors with astounding exteriors altogether create charismatic impression. The enchanting beauty of this place invites the people hailing from the distant corners of the world.

Historical Background
The Buckingham Palace was officially set up in 1837 and catered as the administrative London house of the Britain’s sovereigns. Nowadays it is serving the government as the official headquarters belonging to the Monarch. This royal place accommodates The Queen as well as The Duke of Edinburgh along with their immediate family. It is a working place but is a masterpiece uphold by the Britain’s constitutional monarchy.

Architectural Outline

This magnificent place has 775 rooms encompassing the 19 state rooms, 52 royal bedrooms belonging to the imperial guests and family. There are 188 staff bedrooms along with 78 bathrooms and 92 offices. Talking about the measurement we can say that this is unquestionably a grand building. The palace has 108 meters long across at the front, 24 meters high and 120 meters deep. It has occupied total 828,818 square (77,000 square meters) feet of area.

Facts Of Prime Importance

It is a place that is used to celebrate the official events and witnessed reception parties hosted by the Queen, the State Rooms of the Buckingham Palace. Still this place is open for the public visit. The palace boasts of the largest private garden across London. It comes amongst the few most popular buildings of the world that welcomes almost 50,000 visitors each year. These are the outside people are the guests to the banquets and the royal parties are organized for dinners, lunches, receptions at the garden side.

The palace consists of art gallery that preserves some of the timeless artworks created by eminent personalities such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck, etc. The largest room of the Buckingham Palace is the State Ballroom. State banquets have a magnificent capacity to greet more that 150 guest and these can satisfy their taste buds with the internationally acclaimed cuisines in gold plates. The State Ballroom has its historical presence as the George III celebrated his birthday here in 1811.

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