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Reichstag – A Place Where History Meets Contemporary Architecture

Holidaying at a great place where you can feel the rich past being in the present scenario is really tough. Come with us to a troop to Reichstag where you can see the glorious past


peeing out of every single formation and the modern German craftsmanship. The Reichstag, is accredited as one of the most admired destination of Berlin. It is the bench for the German Parliament. Right before the confederacy, it was sharing the wall but now it is adjacent to the Brandenburger Gate.

The Reichstag is enlisted with the Contemporary Architecture in Berlin, Germany. Unquestionably the stunning structural design and astounding view of this historic place attracts the number of visitors each year. This monumental artwork satisfies the quest of witnessing something unique, of the travelers coming across the globe. This place is mesmerized for the exclusive style of designing and an awe- inspiring past. The glad dome built inside is one of the most cherished structures of the country.

Historical Backgrounds
The building is initially conceptualized by Paul Wallot and was completed in 1884. It was built for over 10 years 1884 to 1894.  This breath- taking structure is regarded for it’s novel architecture and fascinating impression. This is a colossal edifice with four gigantic facades and one immense portico encompassing front positioned eight Corinthian columns. The Reichstag was restored twice after witnessing the arson in 1933 and the war- torn immediately.

The Glass Dome
Paul Baumgarten had inserted a new structure in the name of Glass Dome. This is now considered to be the most exalted tourist attraction in Berlin. This is a glass-paneled that helped in illuminating the parliamentary chamber with more light. This dome has orchestrated an unusual sight of the lights around the place. You can experience a spectacular vision over Berlin through the spiral climbing- ramps or walkways. The design was originally created by Sir Norman Foster to add the glass dome above the plenary hall.

Modern Scenario

A part of this magnificent edifice is open for the general public since 1999 when Reichstag became the seat for the Bundestag, once again. You can use the elevator to be at the roof of the building from where you can see the amazing sight of the place. Undoubtedly it is one of the most remarkable landmarks of the city. Recently this historical house of Berlin accommodates as parliament seat of the German Empire.

Reichstag is really a worth watching place that you can visit to experience the flawless creativity of human beings.