Tower of London – The Diplomat Landmark of London

Tower of London – The Diplomat Landmark of London

As one of the leading intellectual and civilizing cities of United States, London provides many attractions for the tourists from all over the world. London is one of the densely populated metropolises of the United States. London is highly crowded with several

Tower of London

museums, monarchies, iconic landmarks and churches which make it one of the most visited tourist attractions of the world. The Tower of London sited in London is the representative milestone of London and also the chief attraction for the tourists. The memorable visit to the Tower of London is a must for any first time London visitor and for those who have visited London for a few times.

The Tower of London is one of the oldest and youthful buildings of London. It was build up in the 12th century during the reign of King Richard. This ancient monument which is famous for its exotic and out of the ordinary architecture is sited at the centre of the London Fortress.

It is believed by the people of London that during the 12th century, the Norwegian king William tried to conquer the vast empire of King Richard. He raised several efforts to defeat the English emperor. Many wars were being fought between the Norwegian king and King Richard. These wars resulted in the huge loss of the nobles and civilians of London. These wars also caused a colossal slaughter of property and precious treasures of London. So in order to secure the nobles of London from the dreadful consequences of the Norwegian wars, King Richard constructed the Tower of London which in the future proved out to be a great protection for the people of London.

This out standing and pretty strong tower which is composed of white marbles was used to protect London from the outside enemies. It also proved out to be a royal palace for the families of London. The first lady of London Queen Elizabeth also admires this stunning landmark which is considered as a pride of London.

One of the major facts related to Tower of London is that this tower had been a witness to the execution of some of the famous personalities of London. Some of the famous executions which took place in the Tower of London since the last two decades are: the execution of Anne Boleyn in 1530 and Sir Walter Releigh who was the explorer of America.

The Tower of London welcomes the tourists from all over the world on almost all the days of the year. So if you are not familiar with this tower, then London would be a better option for you where you can plan your next vacations.

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