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Nugget Point – True Nature’s Charm And Appeal

The Nugget Point is the point which is surrounded by a group of islands that are called as nuggets. That is why it has been named as the Nugget Point. It is situated on the Catlins

Nugget Point

coast in New Zealand which is only a short distance from the kaka Point. It is considered as one of the most majestic attraction as far as the surroundings are concerned. It is the home for several rare species like the penguins and the spoonbills.

It is mostly well known for the lighthouse that is situated at one end of the point and one can experience the mesmerizing views of the coast from the lighthouse. As it is surrounded by rocks from all the sides it gives a magnificent look to the entire Nugget Point. The exotic species of animals, the natural beauty and the spectacular sites make it even more uncommon and unique. It has been designed and used since the 19th century and holds a special place in the heart of the Otago.

Spending your vacation on this beautiful place is really a lovely experience where you can enjoy the nature’s beauty and its gorgeous landscapes. Even the lighthouse is located at a short distance which can be easily reached. You can have fun with the aquatic species and the coastline views. If interested in the closer view you can go for binoculars to cherish some exciting moments.

You will get some of the best bird’s variety which is known for their excusive species with colorful varieties. It is really exciting to watch them and also the slender movements which create magic in the environment. The sunset views are also an eye catching feature which absorbs most of the tourist who come to this place. The visitors can enjoy the soothing environment near the rocks and the atmosphere that is very pleasant.

The best time to visit the Nugget Point is either during the morning or during the evenings where the sun is setting in and the splashes of water on the rocks.  Therefore one can enjoy the great and exotic species and also the beauty that the nature has bestowed on this wonderful attraction.

Thus I can say that it is one of the best attractions to visit to have a fun filled and rocking holiday vacations. It is definitely a perfect place where you will get everything from exotic beauty to the nature’s backdrops. So what are you waiting for don’t miss this excising trip as it can be an unforgettable experience.