Tower Bridge – A Collaboration of Engineering and Charisma

Tower Bridge – A Collaboration of Engineering and Charisma

In the world of some of the famous and eye catching bridges of the world, Clifton Suspension Bridge and the famous Golden Gateway Bridge have stolen the limelight since the last few decades. They have been the major attractions for the tourists from all across

Tower Bridge

the world. The marvelous engineering skills which are comprised up at some stage in the construction of these bridges attract a large number of tourists towards its exquisiteness and magnificence. Well, if you are also planning out your upcoming vacations in the lapse of such excellent and outstanding infrastructures, then this article will surely help you out in making your vacations memorable.

Tower Bridge which is sited in London is one of the major attractions for the visitors of London. London is very popular all across the world for its ancient monuments and landmarks. The exotic and stunning Tower Bridge is also one of the major vacation spot for the tourists, apart from ancient and primordial landmarks. The great Tower Bridge lies in the midst of the River Thames and it is 42 meters above the sea level. The dockland located at the East and a queue of sky capers and other landmarks at the West of this Tower Bridge provides a dazzling and stimulating view to its viewers. It is really very interesting and amazing to watch this gigantic bridge rising up in order to make the way for the passing ships and cruises.

The foundation for this great Tower Bridge was laid the middle of the 19th century and this grand bridge was opened up for the public in 1894. UNESCO also recognized this tower as the world heritage in 1895. When this great bridge was built, it was one of the largest and the most sophisticated bridges of the world.

It is one of the hydraulically operated bridges of the world which uses the steam to power up the colossal pumping engines. The energy which is gained with the steam is stored and accumulated in the six massive accumulators. As soon as the power is required to lift up the bridge, the power is borrowed from the accumulators. The accumulators helped the driving engines to drives the bascules up and down and it takes just a minute to lift this gigantic bridge. The bridge can be lifted at an angle of 86 degrees with the help of massive bascules. In the earlier times, the massive bascules were operated with the help of oil and fuels but now, they are again operated with the help of hydraulic power.

This bridge is really an excellent combination of engineering and attractiveness and it is a must see for the London visiting tourists.

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