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Singapore Zoo – A Travel into Wildlife Attractions

We all love to have a grand day with our family members. A perfect and best suited holiday destination can really prove out to be helpful to you in making your vacations

Singapore Zoo

memorable but searching a perfect vacation spot for yourself is really a hard work. Most of the people love to enjoy their vacations with their family members on such places where they can get some kind of mental relaxation and entertainment. If you are planning your upcoming vacations with your family and you are searching for a perfect vacation spot, then this article will really prove out to be helpful to you.

You must read this article once which contains some of the best features of the Singapore Zoo which in turn can be the best suited holiday destination for you as well as your family. Singapore Zoo is also known as the Mandai Zoo by the local residents of this city. The Singapore Zoo was opened on the 23rd of June, 1973 and about 9 million Singapore dollars were invested in the construction of this landmark. The famous Singapore Zoo which is one of the major attractions for the tourists of Singapore at the present is one of the most well preserved landmarks under the Wildlife Reserves, Singapore which also operates the famous Night Safari and the Jurong World Park.

The zoo is totally based on the concept of Open Zoo where the visitors can easily view the animals that are put behind the bars. The animals are enclosed in the wide and extended enclosures which are really best suited for their habitation. The Singapore Zoo is comprised up with more than 315 wild animals’ species and some of the endangered species. The practice of captive breeding is also carried out in the zoo for the purpose of protecting the endangered species from getting diminished. The Singapore Zoo spreads over 28 hectares of landscape and it attracts more than 1.6 million of tourists every year.

The Singapore Zoo offers many attractions to the tourists which can be enjoyed at a reasonable price. The zoo is comprised up with many special rides for its visitors like horse rides and trams which are available at lower prices. Breakfast with an Orangutan is the major attraction of this Zoo where the tourists can easily interact with the Orangutans and have fun.

So you can have a great time in the Singapore Zoo with your family members and enjoy your vacations to the most.