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Visit The Beauval Zoo For The Striking Beauty And Unusual Species

The Beauval Zoo is situated on the outskirts of the village St. Aignan in France.  The zoo has been ranked among the top fifteen zoos of the world and is one of the most visited by

Beauval Zoo White Tiger

tourist from all over the world.  The main attractions of the zoo include the baby white tigers and also the baby gorillas. It is really an exciting experience to watch out for some of the amazing species of the animals.

When you visit the zoo you will come across the best animals including the elephants, rhinos and the alligators.  One will get to see the tigers running in the heated day time towards the beautiful birds. It is not only entertaining but also a spectacular view to watch them.  It is a common sight and one can see many times. You will definitely appreciate and admire the beauty of the zoo. The Kush green land stretched in many acres gives a magnificent view of the entire park.

There are about 4000 animals in the zoo which consists of all different kinds. These will include the elephants and the zebras.  There is pathway to move around the zoo. Along side the pathway you will find many trees which provide shade to the visitors who come to visit the zoo.  It also has steps if you are interested in taking a look from the highest point of the zoo.

Inside the zoo there are lots of parks like the Mini Safari Park where the best attraction are the zebras and the rhinos. Here you can closely view the animals as there is only a fence to separate you from the animals. They are several other species in the zoo like the Sea Lion and fifty exotic species of birds. The chirping bids show is amazing to be seen.  Also there are about 250 monkeys in the zoo.  Apart from vowing the zoo you can also get different types of restaurants inside the zoo itself.

Therefore you can enjoy some delicious and mouth watering food after your visit is completed.  Here you will get some famous dishes of France.

In all it is really an attractions that will be appreciated by all the visitors as the plenty of animals of the zoo add to the charm of this place.

So if you are an animal lover and want to enjoy a pleasant trip to France then visiting the Beauval Zoo is must. Your trip will be incomplete if you leave this tourist attraction. Thus have a fun filled trip that is full of excitement and enjoyment.