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Bora Bora Beach – A Rare Combination Of Natural Splendor And Marine Beauty

I am sure that you will surprise to see the natural and bare grandeur with your open eyes and will simply not believe the incredible attraction that this place will offer you. Bora Bora is a lot more beyond a mere beach holiday destination and the awe-inspiring beauty

Bora Bora Beach

of this place redefines the meaning of scenic beauty, aquatic magnetism and tranquility.

This tranquil haven is a perfect synonym of lush green backdrops and turquoise azure water. The peaceful spectacle of the place and the warmth of hospitality are in the air of Bora Bora. This place is accredited as one of natural paradises on the world map. It is a secluded beach which is a center of attraction from all over the world. Bora Bora is stunning and mind-blowing tourist attraction that gives calmness and comfort to each mind that comes to travel it.

You will simply be amazed will not take your eyes off the sea waves changing from translucent to turquoise and then to deep sapphire. This dramatic impression accompanying abundant natural charm is simply beyond words. Being here you can experience a feeling as good as being in a dream place equipped with all heavenly amenities. Originally the name of the place is Pora Pora which actually means – first born.

Bora Bora, the island belongs to the Leeward Group Of The Society Islands, French Polynesia. It is an overseas union of France situated in the Pacific Ocean. This enchanting island is positioned 230 kilometres away from the northwest of Papeete and is delimited by a barrier reef as well as a lagoon. The heart of the island upholds the remnants of a vanished volcano which is rising to two crests, Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.

All your expectations will not only be met but augmented with the over water bungalows, waterfront resorts and beachside cottages. If you are a love bird or here to enjoy your intimate honeymoon, Bora Bora is a secluded heaven for you. The widely spaced wooden piers filter off the sparkling sun beams and present a sensational ambience which is perfect to be close. The crystal clear water with the pearly sandy beaches when synchronize with the sun rays; create a dancing look for the observers.

Above all this great place has a treasure to offer the visitors in the form of love, romance, peace, relax and amusement. So give this unusual land a visit and make your life more meaningful.