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Berlin Zoo – Visit Along With Your Family for a Unique Holiday Experience

If you are planning to visit to some exotic place where you can spend some great moments with your family, then this article will help you a lot. This article contains some necessary and essential information about the famous Berlin Zoo which is located in the Berlin City

Berlin Zoo

of Germany. Here, you can spend some great moments with your family members and relatives. The famous Berlin Zoo is one of the oldest and the renowned zoo of Germany. Tourists from all over the world visit this zoo during their holidays.

The famous Berlin Zoo encloses a large area of about 35 hectares. It was opened in the year 1839 and in the present, it is one of the most visited zoos of the world. Recently UNESCO has declared the grand Berlin Zoo as the natural heritage site of the world. The Berlin Zoo is the most well preserved landmarks of the Berlin City. It attracts about 1.5 million tourists as well as the local residents every year. The zoo is comprised up with many exotic and out of the ordinary features which are the major attraction for the tourists.

The grand Berlin Zoo is enhanced with 1500 various species and about more than 15000 animals which make this zoo as one of the largest collection of animal species on Earth. The zoo is entailed with a grand entry which clearly highlights the Roman architecture of the earlier times.

The Berlin Zoo is comprised with a vast range of endangered species like the Polar Bear, the Red Panda, the Giant Panda and the Bao Bao. Several breeding programs are being carried out in this zoo. The famous Berlin Zoo is the major center for the procession of Captive Breeding Practices which results out in the protection of endangered animals.

The Berlin Zoo also offers several admirable rides like trams and shot train for its tourists so that they can enjoy the exotic beauty of the zoo and gaze at the unique species. The Berlin Zoo also includes a large aquarium which is entailed with a vast range of aquatic species. You can buy the tickets for this aquarium and enjoy its mesmerizing beauty. The aquarium is equipped with more than 250 fish tanks and about 9000 aquatic species. These out of the ordinary features make it one of the largest aquariums of the world. The best time to visit the Berlin Zoo is the autumn season when the days are mild enough and the temperature is moderate. The zoo offers free entry as well as free parking to its visitors.

So, these are some of the extra ordinary features of this park which you can enjoy during your visit to this park.