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Disneyland Paris – Experience the Real Meaning of Adventure

Most of the people from all across the world love to entertain themselves during their vacations. Generally, most of the people prefer to visit amusement parks during their


holidays. Amusement parks are really one of the best places where everyone can enjoy a lot and spend some great moments with their family. Today, there are a number of theme parks located in different parts of the world.

These theme parks are entailed with several adventures and thrilling rides and they are enhanced with one or the other specialty. So it is quite difficult for the people to opt for a perfect one. If you are also looking out for a perfect theme park where you can enjoy various adventures during your holidays, then this article will prove out to be a great help to you. This article contains some necessary information about the famous Disney land of Paris.

Disney Land of Paris is one of the major tourist attractions of Paris and this recreation resort is located in the Marne La Vallee of Paris. This theme park is sited about 32 km far from the center of Paris. Disney Land of Paris is operated by the Euro Disney and it is the second recreation resort that was opened outside the United States of America.

The famous Disney Land of Paris is one of the most visited theme parks of the world. About 15.3 million tourists from all across the world visited this amusement park in the year 2008. Today, this recreation and holiday resort holds first position among all the theme parks of the world.

The park was opened on 12th April, 1992 and the visitors were allowed to enjoy only two of the themed areas of this park and they were Euro Disney Resort and Euro Disney Land. This theme park is comprised with five themed lands and more than 50 attractions which include various thrilling rides, roller coasters and water rides.

Some of the main themed areas of this park are listed below.

1. Adventure land
It is one of the major themed lands of this park which contains a vast range of attractions for its visitors like the pirates of the Caribbean, La Plage des pirates and Adventure Isle.

2. Discovery Land
This is also one of the main recreation areas of this park which contains many thrilling rides for its visitors. Some of the major attractions of this park are Videopolis Theatre, Disney Land Railroad, Honey I shrunk the audience and Star Tours.

These are some of the best features of this exotic theme park of Paris. I am sure that you will have a great time here in this recreation resort.