Adam’s Peak – A Holistic Approach To Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak – A Holistic Approach To Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak is the earliest pilgrimage that is a sacred spot by a person of any religion. It is a conical mountain that has an elevation of 2243 meters. It is common belief of the people that Lord Buddha during his third visit to Sri Lanka left his footprints on this sacred

Adams Peak

mountain. This is the reason why the place is even known as the Sripada – which literally means the sacred footprint. The Muslims believe it to be the footprints of Adam, Christians see these footprints as the footprints of St. Thomas and the Hindus regard these footprints as the footprints of Lord Shiva.

The pilgrimage of the Adam’s Peak generally takes place in the month of April, which is the dry season for the nation. This is the time when the southeast monsoon winds just strikes the Sri Lanka. Pilgrims try to reach the holy spot before the breaking of Dawn. The reason to it is that the view of the holy peak at this part of the day is simply at its superb.

There are many ways by which you can carve your way through the Adam’s Peak. But the chief and commonly used is the route trough Hatton Town and the Ratnapura District.

The place encourages the eco – tourism of the country. The visit to this place will surely going to form some unique moments of your entire life. The aches and the pains that you will come across while climbing this sacred peak of Sri Lanka will definitely live long ion your memories! Apart from being the sacred spot of Sri Lanka this peak will offer you some beautiful natural trails of the tropical rainforest.

Adam’s Peak is well – known as the Samanalakande or the “Butterfly Mountain”. This is because the sacred peak of the nation enjoys the presence of myriads formed by the small and tiny butterflies that come from the entire island to die upon this sacred place. At some parts this sacred mountain is extremely steep and the climbing chain on this mountain is placed by the Great Alexander. Although there is not even the single evidence that may prove these chains were introduced over the mountain by him. At the top this peak is a four sided figure where there stands a Buddhist Temple and the place of pilgrimage of Saman with the strange footprints. The pilgrims make their offerings and take away the rain water from these footprints. There is a common belief that this rain water has a strong therapeutic ability.

If you go to Sri Lanka then make sure that before you return back to your home you have visited this sacred peak.

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