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Pont Du Gard Bridge – An Amazing Man Made Aqueduct

There are a number of man made structures which are located in different parts of the world. The amazing splendor of these structures can really provoke you to visit these exotic landmarks during your holidays. Whenever we discuss about the grand man-made structures, the most primary thing that comes in our mind are the spectacular bridges

Pont Du Gard Bridge

that are well comprised with exotic and spectacular architectural and engineering skills. Well if you are also looking out for a perfect vacation spot where you can easily spend some great moments with your family members and make your holidays memorable, then this article will really help you a lot.

In the world of grand man made bridges of the world, the famous Pont Du Gard Bridge which is located in the South of France has stolen away the glare of publicity from the last many years. The grand Port Du Gard is a man made channel which was built up by the Roman Empire. This grand bridge is located in the Vers Pont Du Gard which is located near Remoulins. The grand Port Du Gard Bridge of France has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The literal meaning of Port Du Gard is the bridge of the river. This man made structure extends over the Gard River, also known as the Gardon River, which is formed by several tributaries. Today, this grand man made structure is one of the most visited landmark for the tourists of France. This man made structure is well equipped with exotic and stunning architectural skills which make it one of the most popular attraction for the tourists.

The bridge was constructed without the use of Mortar. This man made structure is constructed with the help of aqueduct stones which were approximately equal to 6 tons in weight and they eliminated the need of mortar. In order to increase the resistivity of this bridge against the flow of water, engineers who were involved in the construction of this bridge curved the upper levels of this bridge in the upstream direction.

The bridge is comprised of three level and they are: the Upper level which is about 275 meters long. The Middle Level is about 242 meters long and 4 meters thick. The Lower Level is about 142 meters long and 6 meters thick. The Pont Du Gard is about 49 meters high and the longest level of this bridge is about 275 meters long.

These are some of the important facts and figures related to the grand Pont Du Gard Bridge of France. Make sure that you visit this spectacular man made structure during your vacations.