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The Palace Of Versailles – The World’s Most Magnificent Chateau

France is well known for its enchanting locations and elegant monuments. Chateau de Versailles is also known as the Palace of Versailles and it is located in the city of Versailles. At the time of the construction of this palace, Versailles was only a small village and the

Chateau de Versailles

chateau was constructed as the royal hunting lodge in 1624 AD by Louis XIII. After some years the lodge was converted into a holiday retreat for the ring.

The exotic palace contains various special features that is why it is visited by all the tourist who are interested in its historical background. The enchanting hall of mirrors can be found in this building which was designed by Jules Hardouin Mansart who was the chief architect of the king.

The Hall Of Mirrors
In the Hall of Mirrors you can find various attractive statues and the busts of various Roman Emperors who were well known for their contributions. Candelabra and numerous painting were also added to the hall which mainly depicted the triumphs and the victories of Louis XIV. The hall is 250 feet long and it contains 17 windows which contain 17 mirrors which were used by the kings and queens to dress. A dancing hall is also included in the Hall of Mirrors.

History of the Chateau
It was in the year 1682 when Louis XIV declared the chateau as the permanent resident for various nobles and royal people. The chateau is a majestic building which includes many rooms and it can easily occupy 10, 000 people. The building was also the permanent resident of all the kings of France till the French Revolution.

Architecture of the building
The Chateau de Versailles is one of the most well known buildings in France. It is just like a masterpiece which includes highly luxurious and spacious gardens where one can relax in the peaceful ambiance. In the gardens you can also find many fountains and sculptures representing the French Classical structure.

The palace is sumptuously decorated and here you can find all the luxuries that one can imagine. The palace mainly contains three important features which include the Queen’s Apartments, Hall of Mirrors and the state Apartments.

Present condition of the Palace
During the French Revolutions all the exotic furnishings and decorations of the Chateau were taken down. The art pieces were deported to the museums and all the furniture were sold in the market during the French revolution.

In the present day this place is used as a national museum and it is opened for the general public.