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Fort Aguada – The Most Prized and Crucial Monument of India

Most of the people love to explore something new and prehistoric during their vacations so that they can easily avail their mind with the facts and traditions related to the ancient times. There are a number of primordial forts and palaces in India which are well

Forta Guada

enhanced with various unrevealed specifics and particulars of the ancient times. Well if you are also looking out for a perfect vacation spot where you can easily gain some knowledge about the primeval times, then you must read this article once. This article contains some essential particulars related to the Fort Aguada.

The grand Fort Aguada is one of the most well preserved ancient monuments of India. This primordial fort is located in Goa and it is the major attraction for the tourists of India. The grand Fort Aguada is the only Portuguese Fort which stands by the side of the marvelous Sinquerim Beach of Goa. You can easily gaze at the immeasurable expenses of the Arabian Sea and enjoy the natural beauty and soothing atmosphere which surrounds this primordial fort. The Aguada Fort is sited at a distance of about 18 kilometers from the grand Panaji City of old Goa.

This prehistoric Portuguese fort is the most well conserved monuments of the 17th century. The construction for this monument was started in the year 1609 and it took about three years for the completion of this fort. The Aguada Fort was completed in the year 1612. This basic purpose for the construction of this Portuguese fort was to guard it against the Marathas and the Dutch. This primordial fort stands at the shore of the Mandovi River and this fort was initially tasked to defense against the nearby Bardez District and shipping.

This grand and prehistoric fort is well equipped with a fresh water spring which was used to provide drinking water to the ships in the earlier times. This was the only reason that this primeval fort got its name Aguada which literally means water.  A large number of crews and ships used to replenish their fresh water provisions through this fort.

The grand Aguada Fort also contains a 4 storey long lighthouse which was also built by the Portuguese.  This Portuguese lighthouse is the most attractive desirability for the tourists of this fort. The Aguada Fort encloses the whole of the peninsula which is located at the South West hemisphere of the Bardez.

This grand monument is one of the crucial and most5 prized fort which was built by the Portuguese. Make sure that you visit this primordial landmark of Goa during your vacations.