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Trump World Tower – A Majestic and Spectacular Monument of New York

New York is very much famous among the tourists because of its beautiful and exotic attractions. People from all across the world love to enjoy their vacations with their family members in the midst of spectacular attractions of New York. When looking for a great hotel you should look for a Ithica hotel. Well if you are also looking out for a perfect holiday destination to spend your holidays, then you must read this

Trump World Tower

article once. This article contains some essential facts related to grand Trump World Tower of New York.

The grand Trump World Tower is located in the Manhattan of New York City. It is a residential skyscraper located in New York and it is also one of the major attractions for the tourists from all across the world. The foundation for this grand structure was started in the year 1999 and it took more than 2 years for the construction of this tower. This grand monument was completed in the year 2001.

The Trump World Tower was designed by the famous architect Marta Rudzka. The height of this exotic monument is 264 meters which makes it one of the tallest buildings of the world. The Trump World Tower is comprised up with 72 well constructed storeys with bronze tinted glass and blind wall facades.

The grand Trump World Tower of New York is the tallest residential tower of the world. More than 300 million US dollars were invested during the construction of this tower. There is also a penthouse which is located at the top 2 floors of this grand structure. The penthouse encloses an area of about 20000 meter square. More than 58 million dollars US dollars were invested in the installment of this grand penthouse. After few years of the construction of this monument, this grand apartment was divided into four sections.

In April, 2006 a fusion cuisine restaurant was also opened at the ground floor of this grand monument. This fusion restaurant also comprises a royal bar which was named as the World Bar. The grand Trump World Tower hand many of its condominium units have been featured in many movies. This grand tower can also be noticed in the famous movie Stuart Little 2.

The Trump World Tower lies in the zoned area of New York City Department of Educations. The grand Trump World Tower has also been the launching site for the famous Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren supercar.

These are some of the out of the ordinary facts and figures related to the famous Trump World Tower of New York. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here.