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Notre Dame Cathedral – Experience The Beauty Of Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a vital instance of the French Gothic Architecture, stained glass windows and the sculptures. This is the most recognized destinations amongst the tourist who plan to visit Paris. On the entire land of France, it magnetizes more than 13 million people every year. This is even more than the number of visitors who trip the

Notre Dame Cathedra

Eiffel Tower.

This famed cathedral is popularly recognized as the active Catholic Church. It is a pilgrim’s spot that is the core point for the Catholicism in France. The place hosts a number of religious events that have a great significance for the nation. Even today this place is the most visited spot in the continent of Europe. It has a lot in its store that is capable of attracting the visitors.

Spots To Visit

1. West Front
This is the most noticeable part in the cathedral. It has two towers that are 69 meters lofty. The South Tower has the popular bell of the cathedral- “Emmanuel”. The weight of this bell is nearly 13 metric tons which is equivalent to 28000 pounds. The clapper of the bell weighs around 500 kg. It was recessed in the year 1631.

2. Grand Gallery
This segment of the western front is a connection between the two west towers. The gargoyles at this gallery are filled with the Gothic characters. The medieval sculptures were not added in the restoration of the nineteenth century.

3. King’s Gallery
This is a line of the statuettes of 28 kings of Judah as well as Israel. They were known by the Viollet-le-Duc, in order to reinstate the effigies that were shattered during the French Revolution. Some of these statues were regained and are preserved in the Museum OF Middle Ages.

4. West Rose Window

The elegant West Rose Window was prepared in the period of 1220. It is beautifully designed and attracts the visitors by its appealing power.

5. Stained Glass Windows
The stained glass windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral are the vital and striking exertion of the 13th century that was built in the Gothic Design. The best part and the great continued existence of these glass windows is the location of the rose windows. The rose windows glitter like the jewels on the western entrance and in the southern and northern transept.

This is the best destination in the European continent that demonstrates the richness of art works. I can ensure you that you will enjoy every second at this spot and will not be bored!