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Jolly Buoy Island – An Amazing Land On Earth

For all the water lovers who always want to cherish the aqua blue settings, the exotic underwater life and the enthralling water games. The picturesque islands like Jolly Buoy Island positioned in the union territory of Andaman and Nikobar Island, India is the perfect place for it. You can simply relish the incredibly beautiful island by leisurely walking on the pristine white sandy beaches, lying in the hammock and worshipping the sun. There is a lot more beyond these typical beachside enchantments. So are you ready for the ultimate fun and romance, come with us.

Jolly Buoy Island

If you want to visit this place you need to first visit the Wandoor beach situated in the Mahatma Gandhi National Park and 30 Km away from Port Blair by roadways. This Wandoor beach will be an added treat for your eyes that you will simply rejoice for all through your life. Jolly Buoy Island will offer you plentiful attractions that you will love to capture all through you’re your life. So get ready for this timeless experience and tight your seat belts for the Wandoor beach from where you will get a boat ride.

Jolly buoy is a breathtaking island with some of the most environment friendly policies such as – No Plastic. The practices are very strict and to be on the island you first need to show your plastic belongings at the Wandoor beach. People with plastic items need to deposit a fixed sum of money as security. Capturing the memorable sights in snaps is also not very easy as for taking photographs you first need to pay a camera fee. You need to pack your bags with all the food items as there you will not get anything.

This amazingly beautiful island is a perfect heaven for the scuba divers and the snorkeling lovers. However if you ant to enjoy any of these you need to bring in the swim suits. This no man’s land is just waiting for you with unlimited amount of fun and celebration. This spectacular island allows you an amusing treat of natural wonders and the rare aquatic beauty. So visit the place and sooth your eyes with multihued corals. This distant place is just seems to be the end of the world.

Hiring a glass bottom boat for the ultimate and exotic underwater beauty will be the most happening part of trip. So why are you still thinking? Just visit the place to have a combination of thrill and romance along with family fun!