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Little India – The Heart Of Singapore

Little India is located near the Singapore River. It lies close to Chinatown and has all the elements that India has. Visiting Little India can be altogether an incredible experience for the tourist.  The visitors can enjoy a complete blend of the Indian culture and traditions. As it bears the name, the little India has lots of product that are designed by the Indian and also several other exciting things.


The Little India is the best place where the visitors can explore some of the Indian varieties that includes the clothes, furniture, jewelry and many more. So one can shop as much as they want and at the same time other products can also be explored.  Here you will find everything that you find in India.  Therefore the visitors who love to discover an Indian touch can surely visit Little India.

There are lots of temples that remind you about the Indian architecture and the culture that is followed here. Even the rituals that are performed in the temples are the same that are done in Indian temples. The visitors can watch out the rich culture and tradition that holds great significance. It is a symbol of the Indian pride and traditions.

Apart from shopping and discovering the new things the tourist can also experience some Indian food varieties.  You will come across all the different types of Indian food with special Indian dishes.  The Indian food is the special variety of food that is available in Little India.  So whenever you come to Little India it is must to taste some delicious and mouth watering dishes of food.

There are no specific attractions in little India but the entire town is loaded with beautiful collections of architecture and all the Indian variety that you wish to have.  The visitors can enjoy entraining shows that are organized especially for the visitors and the tourist. One of the biggest attractions of Little India is the colorful bangles that are available in different designs. You can get a lot of varieties so the people can choose the best and most attractive bangles for themselves.

Little India is very well connected to Singapore through road and rail both. So the tourist can either hire car or their personal vehicle for reacting here. It will take around one hour to reach there and then you can enjoy as much as you can.  Even the accommodation facilities are good and you can get reasonable and budgeted hotels.

Therefore visiting Little India is same as you are experiencing a second Indian country. So book your tickets now and have a pleasant journey.