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Merlion Park – A Perfect Family Holiday Vacation

The Merlion Park is located on the Esplanade Bridge in Singapore. This attraction is greatly promoted by the Singapore tourism as it mostly preferred by the tourist from all over the world. Though it was originally situated on the bridge but its new location is somewhere else. The place has been changed now. But regardless of the change in the location its excitement is just the same.

Merlion Park Singapore

The Merlion Park was opened in the year 1972 by the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan. It was inaugurated by him and from then it has been gaining lots of popularity all over the world. The overall structure of the park was prepared by the Singapore tourism department and has been named by them too.  With lots of popularity it has become the center of attraction for the visitors.

This park is a special attraction of the Merlion. The Merlion is built in a very different shape with half being in the shape of the fish and other half as lion. Within the Merlion lies the Merlion Park which is the greatest attractions.
The center of the park is decorated by a statue which is known as the Merlion statue. The statue is 8.6 meters high and carrying a weight of about 70 tones. It was designed and installed by a famous architect Mr.Lim Nang Seng.  The entire statue is composed of cement and together with it another small statue is also built along its sides. Both these statues are designed in the same way but their skin is made up of porcelain plate while the eyes with the red teacups.

The lively atmosphere of the park will definitely make you feel young at heart. The lush green garden with fresh air all around gives a pleasant atmosphere to the Merlion Park. Because of the beautiful attractions in Singapore it is also nicknamed as the “Garden City Island”.  The lovely and the colorful with birds chirping around really make the atmosphere vibrant and full of energy.

While the kids can enjoy a few rides in the park their parents can roam around and explore the beauty.  They can spend some time together with the family and get a soothing feeling.  The natural beauty of the park is worth seeing and must not be missed at all.  Visiting the park will leave you enthralled as it will be an adventurous and exciting trip for all. Make sure you check out all the hotels in Singapore to find the best deal.

Therefore visit the Merlion Park for a fun filled and exciting trip that is unforgettable and ever lasting.