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Monastery Of The Kiev Caves- A Premier Attraction In Ukraine

Ukraine is a very beautiful country that is the second largest country in Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Hungry, Moldova and Romania. Ukraine has a very important history which the


tourists can know about while they are visiting this country. Monastery of the Kiev Caves is located in Kiev and it is one of the most significant places in Ukraine. This place was founded the time of Kievan Rus and since that time it has been a very important place of Orthodox Christianity in Ukraine. Various religious heads also reside in the Monastery of The Kiev Caves.

If you really want to gather all the essential information about the Monastery of The Kiev Caves then you must surely read this article.

1. Upper Lavra of the Caves
The caves are located on top of a small hill which overlooks the Dnipro River. This place is a major tourist attraction and various people come here all around the year. The caves are mainly divided into two parts, the first one is known as the Upper Lavra and the second part is known as the Lower Lavra. Some of the chief features of the Upper Lavra are mentioned below.

The Great Bell tower is a very important part of this place. The tower is nearly 96m tall and it is the highest tower located in the cave area with Rodina Mat. If you really want to experience the whole view of the Kiev and The Caves Monastery then you can climb on top of the tower.

The second most important part is the Museum of Historical Treasures that is located very near to the Upper Larva. At this place you can easily locate precious stones, jewelry items, metal work and other historical items. This place also contains a large quality of Scythian gold.

Yet another wonderful feature of the Museum of Micro-miniatures is the miniature creations by Mykola Syadristy who was a very famous Russian artist. Here you will find the smallest electric motor of the world and also a beautiful chess set.

2. Lower Lavra

In the Lower Lavra area you will find numerous passages and caves which were home to various monks, many centuries ago. Around hundred monks lie mummified below the caves.

You can enter the caves without paying nay money. I am sure visiting this enthralling place would surely be a great experience for you and your family.